Musethica 音乐表演研修课程·西班牙·2015-2016


This prestigious program is in collaboration with Zaragoza University and Etopia, Art and Technology Center. Furthermore, this program is support for the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation and Zaragoza Council join with the Aragón Music Conservatory (CSMA) and is part of international project of Musethica.

The course offers to young string quartet a specialization program in performance string quartet and chamber music. They will receive seven master class monthly:  four dedicated to the repertoire for String Quartet – in charge of the four members of the Quartet Quiroga – and three more dedicated to different ensembles (quintets, etc.) and instrumental technique in charge of Avri Levitan, Fernando Arias and visiting teachers of international prestige.

Furthermore, musicians will have performance 10-12 concerts a month as part of the Musethica concept of education of interpretation. The concerts will take place mainly in different social centres in the city of Zaragoza and there will be concerts in the Auditorium building of the University of Zaragoza and the Auditorio de Zaragoza. From the assessment of the International Artistic Committee Quartet may be able to make a recording in CD format.

The young musicians will regularly work with Cuarteto Quiroga and international renowned musicians and will have performance 10-12 concerts a month as part of the Musethica concept of education of interpretation.

This program will start in Zaragoza on November 2015 thill May for the school year 2015-2016. The young string quartet will be invite to stay in Zaragoza from 1st of November 2015 till 30th of May 2016.

The quartet selected for the programme, shall be obliged to install residence in Zaragoza during the 7 months of the program, so all activities (classes, concerts, etc.) organized by Musethica and that the group is committed to accepting to participate in this program. For this purpose, Musethica offers the young musicians of the quartet selected the extraordinary possibility of residing, for free, in four individual rooms in the residence of the Center for art and technology, which has excellent spaces. The rooms are equipped with bathroom and refrigerator and microwave are available. This Center is very innovative in the development of projects related to art and technology making it easier them to be in an environment in constant activity and interact with specialists in different subjects. There the students can also study their instrument individually and rehearse with the quartet.
Furthermore, will be possible that the quartet participates in other sites of Musethica (Berlin, Cracow and Tel-Aviv) to enhance the international dimension of classical music education, intercultural skills and the international mobility of the musician.
The young musicians finally selected will receive a scholarship covering the costs of participation in the educational program and residence accommodation. Musethica team will personally attend the young musicians and will provide an exclusive dedication to enhance the professional development of the same.  Quartet will be able to continue its own activities as competition and concerts outside of MMPP.

Selection process
The young string quartets that would like to apply for participle in the program in Zaragoza has to provide the next:
– CV of the quartet and the members
– Two recommendations from two renowned musicians or musical institution.
–  A recording of quartet has to been send by video fil to :

The team coordination program will select a small number of quartets and will be invited to a life audition and interview in 14th of June in Zaragoza.
The audition will consist of a brief interview and the invited groups should interpret:
a) One fast movement from classical string quartet (Haydn, Beethoven or Mozart…).
b)   One slow movement from classical string quartet (Haydn, Beethoven, Mozart…).
c) One movement of a free choice of contrasting style String Quartet.
d) If the quartet would present another repertoire in the audition is possible,  previously consult the team of teachers of Musethica.

For any questions mail to

The audition is also open for musicians (stringed instrument) which individually would submit to participate in the different Musethicas weeks will be to organize during 2015-2016 in Spain. These weeks Musethica will focus on solos and chamber and will be music masterclass different teachers. Repertoire of the audition of musicians submitted individually will be 10 minutes of free pieces. The musicians should send the CV and preferably a recording (only the pre-selected musicians perform audition) as well as a recommendation from a teacher or musical institution.