More About Naredo

Born in Madrid on August 14th, 1995, it begins his musical and pianistic studies at the age of 5. Three years later she joins in the Centro Integrado located in San Lorenzo de El Escorial where she begins her viola studies under Arantxa Utrilla’s guardianship. There, she finishes the Medium Degree in 2013 with the obtaining of the Prize End of Degree, and the same year she gains the Extraordinary Prize of the Community of Madrid. She is member of the National Orchestra of Spain  and reserve  of the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra conducted by Daniel Baremboin. She has played as soloist in the Chamber Hall of the National Auditory of Madrid by Ana Maria Valderrama’s hand. Nowadays she studies 4th year of the viola Bachelor  with Alan Kovacs and she completes her viola studies with Avri Levitan for 5 years ago.