Musethica and New Quijotes, Zaragoza General Library, 29.04.2015

Musethica in Etopia Iberoamerican Campus “Ventures in creative and cultural industries” 25.03.2015

Musethica in Jerusalem University

Musethica presentación in Expoclasica (12.12.2014) in the I National Forum of Programmers at Classical Music. Alternative programming formats: openness to new audiences and promotion of educational and social programs.

Musethica presentation in XLII Viola International Congress (2014, November 26-30)

Circle1 – Platform for Art & Culture, Berlin,  21.8.2014 at 19:00

Lecture and concert by the violist Avri Levitan, founder of “Musethica” about “evolution in classical music performance education”

Musethica presentation on 8th of May 2014 in “History Campus Berlín”

Musethica presentation in TEDxZaragoza 2013