Akilone Quartet

In April 2016 Musethica keeps working on the education of musicians all around the world through its initiative Musethica Mastering Performance Program in Spain. This month we have two promising French quartets sharing protagonism: Akilone and Hanson quartet.

Akilone Quartet is a string quartet founded in 2011 at the CNSM of Paris.

Inspired from the Italian word “aquilone” (the kite), its name recalls a bridge between sky and earth, a shared pleasure, and a beautiful imaginary and colorful flight. It symbolizes also a desire to create a connection between the different arts and artists.

Akilone quartet is formed by four young artists of very different personalities, they are Emeline Conce (violin), Elise De-Bendelac (violin), Louise Desjardins (viola) and Lucie Mercat (cello).

Photo noir et blanc Akilone (2)The quartet is regularly invited in several festivals, events the quartet uses to present some of their own creative and live shows and projects. Coming from that is the show Aventures Surréalistes, created in April 2014, uniting the theater and the graphic arts around the quartet, who evolves alone on stage with the narrator.

They are lucky to be able to take advices from well-known musicians, such as Hatto Beyerle, Johannes Meissl, Miguel Da Silva or the Ebène and Debussy Quartets. The Akilone quartet is member of the European Chamber Music Academy since 2013.



Public concerts

23.04.2016: 19:30, Auditorium, room Luis Galve, Zaragoza price entry €4,5. Ticket sales at the bookstore of the Auditorium (from 11 to 14 hours and from 17 to 21 hours), www.entradas.ibercaja.es and Ibercaja cashmachines.


Beethoven op 59 n°2

If you cannot come but you want to collaborate, participate with your donation in the zero row: La Caixa ES12 2100 8964 5622 0035 7973

Concerts in social Centers

Fundación Rey Ardid, Zaragoza
Centro de Media Estancia Rey Ardid, Zaragoza

Colegio La Purísima, Zaragoza
CEE Rincón de Goya, Zaragoza

Atades, San Martín de Porres, Zaragoza
CEIP María Auxiliadora, Zaragoza

CEIP Puerta Sancho, Zaragoza
CEIP Moreno Calvete, Zaragoza

Open masterclasses

Monday 18.04.2016
9:30-13:30 with Johannes Meissl, TBA

Tuesday 19.04.2016
16:30-18:30 with Johannes Meissl, in Etopia

Wednesday 20.04.2016
16:30-20:30 with Johannes Meissl, in Etopia

Thursday 21.04.2016
16:30-18:30 with Johannes Meissl, in Etopia